REMOVAL ORDER 양식과 PREP 3PL Fulfillment 가격표.

Removal Order 양식과 새롭게 편성된 3PL 가격표입니다.

Removal Order form and fulfillment Price table are attached.

저희 회사에 접수를 원하시면 Removal Order 양식을 작성하셔서 전달해 주시면 바로 접수 가능합니다.

전달해 주실때는 이메일 주소셀러명이나 회사이름을 반드시 기입해 주시길 바랍니다.

아마존 리무벌과 Prep.  Service 담당팀장 입니다.

Please download the removal order form and email to

그리고 리무벌오더 신청하실 때는 반드시 밑에와 같이 ****(셀러명)을 넣어서 신청해주십시오

please put seller name next to fba4you when you make a removal order on Seller Central.

fba4you ****(seller name)

3600 Lind Ave SW STE120 

RENTON, WA 98057 


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Comments (2)

Hello, I’m SEUNG HA from Korea. I’m an Amazon seller.
I want to send my products made by a Chinese manufacturer to your warehouse. (China to US)
I’d like to know the storage cost of the warehouse and the cost of warehousing the Amazon warehouse.

It weighs between 20~22 kilograms per carton box (50 products per box).
The total number of boxes is 12.

Packaging is finished. You just have to keep it and send the carton box to Amazon as it is.

Please answer the following.

Monthly storage cost:
Shipping cost to Amazon warehouse (per carton box):
Other Additional Costs:

Thank you.


we want to sell our products in Amazon USA. We didn´t release the USA account yet. Coudl you send us price for storage and sending to Amazon warehouse.
How can we mange import tax in the USA ?

Thank you very much for your help in advance
best regards

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